With its 90 different ingredients, of which 20 minerals and vitamins, apple cider vinegar is an essential ingredient of health and vitality. Only one teaspoon of vinegar is sufficient to meet the daily needs of the organism.
The secret of healing

The apple vinegar, whose basis is acetic acid which gives an acidic flavor and which acts as a natural antiseptic and preservative, lies more than 90 different compounds, including 20 vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In consideration therefore comes just vinegar pudding made from whole, not overripe apple fruits that are grown organically. The best are the old varieties of apples, or better still wild, wild apple. Furthermore, it should be vinegar made from fruit juice obtained by cold pressing of apples, which is then matured in a natural way, without chemical additives.

Thanks to the composition of the vinegar is a remarkable natural beverage which, as a dietary supplement, can meet the daily needs of the organism for the necessary ingredients, for example vitamins, minerals and trace elements, in order to maintain health and improve mental and physical abilities.


It is scientifically proven to maintain the vitality and refreshes the body, stimulates the entire metabolism, and strengthens its defense mechanisms, immunity. A beneficial effect on blood circulation, protects the heart and blood vessels. It cleans the blood from toxic substances, and reduces high blood pressure and the formation of clots, and helps regulate levels of cholesterol, fat and sugar in the blood.

 Excess weight loss

Consumption of apple cider vinegar in order to maintain the vitality and health of the organism results in positive changes when it comes to overweight, while the combination is already small changes in diet and lifestyle, for example, with a reduction in salt intake and candy, and more movement and physical activity, vinegar can really do very good things. It is worth noting that, while reducing weight, should be noted and reduction of cellulite and the volume of the stomach.

RECIPE: Want to lose excess weight, for 6 to 8 weeks before each meal drink a glass of warm water to which whisked 1 teaspoon vinegar. If you want a shorter period of time to achieve visible results, two days, avoid solid foods and `postite` in a way that, with a standard drink of water, 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar and honey spoon 3 times a day, consume only herbal and fruit teas, and soups vegetables. After them, the child slowly go to the usual diet.

Universal potion

Every day throughout life, in the morning, before eating, drink a glass of water, which whisked 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar.To enhance the sour taste, but also for a second helping of nutrients, the beverage can also add a tablespoon of honey. Persons wishing to regulate cholesterol levels among some omit! The basic beverage can be prepared in a way that requires a little more time. The empty glass put 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey. The glass then top up the water, but as soon as the vinegar and honey rise, slowly drink a potion.

Against Cough

Mix half a cup of honey 4 teaspoons apple cider vinegar. Spoon beverage consume, if necessary, in an attack of coughing in a way that slowly dissolve in the mouth, or six times a day in equal intervals take 1 teaspoon of the drink.Stir well before use. If you often cough at night before going to sleep on a pillow drip a drop of apple cider vinegar, or next to the head put a small bath towel soaked in apple vinegar.

Against sore throat

Mix 1/4 cup water with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. Every 3 to 4 hours after consume 1 teaspoon of the drink. Stir well before use. Preparation, you can add 2 teaspoons of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. In case of sore throat stronger potion take every 2 hours. In the alternative case, warm up some water and add 3 tablespoons of vinegar. The mixture plunge linen handkerchief, drain it, and wrap it around your neck. Then wrap the neck towel minor who preheated. Lining change when dry linen scarf (lining of vinegar is also effective against hoarseness).

There is another way to relieve sore throat in a glass of hot water put 4 teaspoons of vinegar, a little salt, and put a few drops of propolis. Drink a certain amount and gargle several times a day, if necessary, even more often.
Against swollen foot

Place the container in which to prepare medicated bath filled with hot water so that you reach the ankles. Depending on the amount of water, add 2 to 4 cups of vinegar. The legs, with occasional “backwash”, hold in the water as long as you feel that your feet relaxed. Feet then air dry. Bath apply morning and evening.

Against varicose veins

The skin over the painful varicose veins in the morning and evening rub undiluted apple vinegar. Or, wrap the legs with a cotton handkerchief soaked in apple vinegar. Over put a towel wrap, put your feet up and let the vinegar act for 30 minutes. Wraps place in the morning and evening for at least seven days. In addition, the basic beverage of water and apple cider vinegar, not only consume the morning, but once more during the day.

To relieve the pain of arthritis

In a glass of water dilute in equal proportions vinegar and honey. The first 4 weeks preparation (1 cup) take 3 times a day, and when the situation gets better consume 1 cup a day. In case of severe pain after the glass product can be taken every hour, maximum of 6 times.

Against warts and “corns”

Mix 1 tablespoon salt 4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and composition several times a day, apply to the skin where they appeared warts or corns. And in the evening, before bedtime, soften the skin in water to which you have added a Body Wash, or table salt. Then the affected area put cotton wool soaked with undiluted vinegar. Cotton swab secure the patch and let it work overnight. Repeat the procedure as required.

For skin rejuvenation and immunity

Mix 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a liter of warm water. Put a little liquid in the arm, and her massage the arms, shoulders, abdomen, chest, back, legs, and at the end of the foot, measured movements are always in the direction towards the heart. After the massage, do not wipe the body towel, but leave it to dry naturally.


Oral cavity
– the morning before brushing mouth rinse with a glass of lukewarm water in which you dissolve 1 to 2 teaspoons of vinegar.

– Scratches as often stored lubricate preparation of apple cider vinegar and water in equal parts and allow the skin to dry itself.

– For skin that is slightly flushed from the sun, apply vinegar diluted with water.
For the same purpose, you can clothe towel soaked in apple vinegar, or a bath of lukewarm water into which you put 2 teaspoons of vinegar.

– on a sugar cube drip a few drops of apple cider vinegar, and slowly dissolve in the mouth.

– Eczema affected skin should be four times during the day and three times during the night to lubricate the raw apple vinegar.

Cracked skin on hands
– In the Mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil. Preparation lubricate your hands after every wash and before going to bed.
Headaches and migraines
– In a smaller bowl put 1/2 l water and 1/2 l apple vinegar and heat. When the liquid boils and begins to mate, put a bath towel over his head and start inhalation. Relax, close your eyes and breathe through your nose. Inhale no more than 5 minutes, and then a short nap later.

– Burns should be immediately greased undiluted apple vinegar (to prevent the occurrence of blisters and alleviate pain).
Afterwards, repeat the procedure several times.



With its 90 different ingredients, of which 20 minerals and vitamins, apple cider vinegar is an essential ingredient of health and vitality. Only one teaspoon of vinegar is sufficient to meet the daily needs of the organism. The secret of healing The apple vinegar, whose basis is acetic acid which gives...
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